New Online Course!

Not only are we going to do our new VFX Challenge integrating a CG creature into our filmed environment, we're going to do it in both After Effects and Nuke at the same time! No prior experience in Nuke required!

Together with your VFX Professor Dante J Rinaldi, we'll go step by step in the real process of bringing your vision to life!
Creating Your Own High Dynamic Range Images!
lighting your 3d creature accurately!
Integrate your creature seamlessly in your shot!

learn the vfx tricks of:

Storyboarding Your Idea • Location Scouting & filming What to Capture On Set • High Dynamic Range capture What File Types To Use • CG Cameras And Animation Secrets of Fast Rendering • Integrating Renders Create an Audio Soundscape for Effect And much more!

“But Dante - I don't know how to 3D model or animate!”

We got you covered there! Download loads of free animation files from our Creature Library - completely textured, animated and ready to star in your scene!

“Sounds great - but I don't have a camera!”

We'll show you how to capture great footage with just your smartphone! we'll perfect your shot with AI tools, Convert it to the VFX workflow, or simply download a scene from our Footage Library to jump ahead!

day one welcome to the challenge

day two the road from AE to nuke

day three lights, camera, action

day four let there be light

day five why h.264 video sucks

day six lighting our creature

day seven bring life to a monster

day eight secrets of rendering

day nine bringing it all together

day ten nuclear skeleton attack!

what's included?

  • over 55 clear and simple video tutorials
  • Maya animated creature library - full access
  • 8 sample 4K background footage clips
  • 3D matchmoved cameras for all clips
  • hdri lighting for all sample footage
  • learn Nuke from After Effects

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