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VFX Sampler Vol 01

A perfect way to check out highlights from our first four introductory courses, and an unbeatable price! Our hand-picked videos include nuggets from Intro to Visual Effects, Animation in After Effects, Compositing in Nuke, and Modeling in Maya. Stay tuned for more Samplers and free VFX tips!

Over 6 hours of expert instruction, in 20 video chapters of content!

Intro to Visual Effects

Here where it all starts! What is Visual Effects, exactly? What are Special Effects? How do they create all those amazing visuals in the movies, from miniatures, stop-motion, matte paintings, CG creatures, planetary explosions and epic fantasy worlds? Take the full, detailed tour with Dante Rinaldi and find out - and don't forget your popcorn!

Over 22 hours of expert instruction, in 127 video chapters of content!

2D Animation in After Effects

Your journey in VFX Animation begins here in Adobe After Effects. Learn about the secrets of how to make amazing and engaging animation, the most common tools and industry-standard techniques, and get your vision to the screen. We dive into graphics, motion, editing, key-framing and a lot more - let's get started!

Over 25 hours of expert instruction, in 152 video chapters of content!

Intro to Digital Compositing

That rampaging dragon in the castle, or that perfectly timed sunset for the big finale - all the pieces of VFX comes through the Compositing train station, and you're the conductor! Become an expert with Foundry Nuke, the leading software being used at all the big studios. Ready to pull some perfect keys on green-screen actors and fol the world with ninja skills in color-correction and integration? Let's go!

Over 24 hours of expert instruction, in 146 video chapters of content!


Everyone knows that cool CG models are the backbone of VFX shots, but how do you build them the right way? Develop those critical 3D Maya skills with Art Director Mike Trezza, as he goes through all the tips and tricks to put you at the top of the modeling mountain. Whether you want to create that mind-blowing alien spaceship or simply craft the perfect environment, this is the course for you.

Over 18 hours of expert instruction, in 144 video chapters of content!

LIGHTING and rendering

All that incredible animation and cool 3D models are in dark without the skills of the valuable VFX lighter. Ready to paint with light and shadow, and bring mood and energy to every scene? We break down all the light types, and how and where to use them. We explore rendering tricks to get those images back fast, and looking great. Let's get lighting!

Over 24 hours of expert instruction, in 147 video chapters of content!


Prepare to fool the eye. A great Texturing and Look Dev artist knows how to make gray computer models look like anything - from delectable food, to that war-torn armor suit that speaks volumes. We analyze exactly how and why things look real, and explore the most popular rendering engines and 2D/3D paint techniques. Gear up!

Over 20 hours of expert instruction, in 105 video chapters of content!


All CG animation is only as good as the skeleton and controls that allow you to craft that perfect performance. Whether you need to animate a singing octopus or a dancing robot, you'll have the skills to bring to any VFX challenge with 3D Rigging for Production, taught by industry-veteran Eric Wilkinson!

Over 11 hours of expert instruction, in 107 video chapters of content!


Now let's get fancy. You know the power of Digital Compositing I - in the advanced course, we're creating full motion matte paintings, camera-tracked environments, and working with render passes that give you absolute control over every pixel in a VFX shot. Prepare for a big level-up!

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Animation is bringing something to LIFE. An engaging animation will make the viewer believe in your character and care about their journey. Utilizing the famous Disney Principles of Animation, you'll gain the skills necessary in 3D Animation II to become a confident character animator ready to tackle any challenge.

Available online soon.


The number one asset that gets you that dream VFX job is your Demo Reel - and this class gets you there. Enjoy the total dedicated time to craft your dream project, all with the guidance of the entire team here at VFX/Unleashed. We'll go from Concept to Storyboarding all the way to Rendering and Compositing - even adding that perfect sound mix. And the best part? You create whatever you want that uses all the skills gained.

Available online soon.


It's high time we blow some stuff up. Tornados and explosions? Check. Bolts of magic from that wand? You got it. Effects and simulations are like the frosting on the cake - and we all love cake. Dive into Houdini, the gold-standard of effects software, and get ready to amaze with your creative potential.

Available online soon.


Everyone knows - a great production means a great post-production. Join VFX Supervisor Dante Rinaldi as he shows you the ins and outs of becoming an on-set VFX wizard. Learn about budgeting work, setting up green-screens, gathering camera and lighting data, working with Directors. Finding five solutions to every problem, and avoiding those pitfalls.

Available online soon.


Sure, they filmed a great handheld action shot on location - but how do you now put that perfectly integrated robot army in the footage? This CG Camera course explores all the tracking techniques, from 2D point and planar, to 3D matchmove - the foundation of all VFX shots. Get ready for Maya, Nuke and Syntheyes magic!

Available online soon.


You loved the Texturing and Look Dev I buffet, and you're hungry for more. Here's comes the giant second course. Introducing Katana - the look development and lighting powerhouse that tackles creative challenges with ferocity and ease. Ready for that creative freedom and scalability to exceed any CG-rendering project? Dig in while it's hot!

Available online soon.


This is it. The grand finale of your hard work - putting all your new VFX skills to the test and amazing the world with your own custom 16-weeks VFX project. Utilize all the skills and software you've acquired, and rely on the full guidance and support of the entire team here at Stage 03 VFX. Let's get to work, and gain your degree!

Available online soon.

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